Breastfeeding is harder than bottles

In reality, this is another myth. While getting used to breastfeeding in the early stages can very difficult especially for new mum’s, it does get easier with time. As your baby gets older over the first few months things can settle down and become part of your normal routine.

A baby screaming in the middle of the night feels ten times worse as does everything negative in the early hours. Making a bottle can be very hard if you aren’t prepared or organised and this can result in baby only screams louder as you fumble to make a bottle. A breastfeeding mum can simply get to the needs of her child with the food it desires with speed and no preparation required, more importantly the milk is ready to go and just the right temperature. If the baby sleeps close to mother there is very little fuss in getting baby settled, this can be very important when you have number of children in the house as you don’t want to wake them all when you are making bottles in the night. It can be very hard to get to baby in the night with switching lights on and navigating obstacles. If baby isn’t in your room and you have moved them to their own nursery you may need a baby monitor to keep in contact with baby. If you are unsure about the monitor you might want you can’t find good reviews at Best Video Baby Monitor and this may aid you in finding the best monitor possible.

There is nothing better than baby being in the room with you, however this isn’t always practical.

Breastfeeding may Cause Your Breasts to Sag

The reality is that you do not need to worry. Your breasts are not going to start sagging if you breastfeed. Usually, there are a number of factors that can lead to saggy breasts it is not breastfeeding that causes it. This can be down to age or general putting on weight through the pregnancy, usually a well-balanced diet and healthy eating programme post baby’s birth brings your body back to normal over time.

Cut out the Alcohol when Breastfeeding

The reality is this is just another one of the breastfeeding myths that scare new moms! There is becoming increasing evidence that giving up drink for a pregnancy is a good idea and should be followed. However the fact is that everything should come down to balance and as long as the alcohol intake is reasonable, and you take a common sense approach you should be fine. There is very little alcohol that will end up coming out in the milk, so this is fine for mother’s who are nursing.

Recently the BBC made it know that the “The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists” had come out and stated that to be 100% sure of no harm to baby you must abstain from alcohol completely. However, the same people had said that a few glasses was fine in their recent findings. Therefore, the commonsense approach would be no alcohol would certainly cut the chances of harm to zero however they go on to still offer guidance on acceptable levels.

Should you wish to read the article you can go to the BBC Website.

Considering a Video Baby Monitor

Before your baby arrives it’s imperative to think not just about feeding but all the other accessories you need to get through a day. Choosing the right baby monitor that works for your household is key to building up the confidence in keeping a watchful eye over baby when they are asleep.

In the past a normal audio based monitor would suffice but with the advances in technology there are a number of other options. More modern Video based Baby monitors are now at a reasonable price, comparable to those that are more traditional.

Should you wish to make your mind up on which monitor to choose I suggest comparing as much as possible and make an informed decision so that it works for your family. There are a lot of sites set up online to compare and contrast all the features of video baby monitors available, I would, therefore suggest visiting a site such as to help make your decision.

When baby is due there can be a lot of influences on you that result in paying out in budgeted amounts of cash. It is important that the money you spend is worthwhile and you aren’t throwing good money after bad.



Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep

After our final baby had been born we decided to buy a Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep bottle making machine. This has been revolutionary in terms of our home life. It has meant night time bottle making is quick and simple, we fill the water reservoir up before heading up to bed and take sterilised bottles, formula and the bottle maker with us. No need for kettles being boiled and the wait whilst baby is crying as the bottles are made to the right temperature within a matter of minutes.

Whilst this isn’t ideal and once again flies in the face of breastfeeding now that we have 3 children we are finding ways of saving time and energy. I suspect if this device has been around when out first son was born we might have given it a wide birth however now that time is so valuable and we are constantly tired we are taking whatever benefits we can as parents.


Stopping Breastfeeding

As a husband, I have supported my wife over 3 pregnancies now and on each occasion she has wanted to breastfeed. With our first we received a lot of pressure from the nurses pre-birth and when we finally got admitted to the hospital they also applied pressure. For me, not the best time apply more pressure especially when it’s your first and everything appears daunting. That said my wife took the option to give it a try, and try she did. The first few days after our son was born, through gritted teeth she endeavored to breastfeed him but it wasn’t working for both parties.

When we took the decision to stop we both felt like we had let out son down but it just wasn’t working and was causing more issues for all of us. Also as a husband it meant I could help out with bottle making and try and share the load of feeding. That’s not to say we hadn’t thought about expressing, we had bought all the tools and gadgets to do so, but it just want working for us.

I have to say that the response was quite negative from the medical staff around us and we were made to feel a bit like failures. Before the baby had been born we have read all the benefits and positives of breastfeeding and I really wanted my wife to give it a go but not at the expense of her own health.

Since our first we have had two more babies and the same process has followed, initial progress only to give up and revert to standard formula. The final time however it was more of a 50/50 split as we borrowed a friends expressing machine and baby got half her bottles from expressed milk and half from formula. The benefits to my wife of pain relief were really noticeable, with the first two, the weeks after the birth left her sore and in a lot of pain. This expressing at the time of the birth really aided her and released a lot of pressure.

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